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Tucker Advisory Group's Enrichment Event:
Women in Business workshop

Denver, Co

In this important workshop, we'll gone beyond the basics of Internet marketing and discuss how you can specifically use new media marketing strategies to reach today's women online.

I'll talk about how women use the Internet differently from men, and what you can do to improve your current online presence to better attract this highly desirable online audience.

In this workshop, I'll also discuss the 5 financial personalities of women with money, and explore the best ways you can use the Internet to reach them. We'll talk about what factors tend to make these personality types most loyal to one company and ideas to encourage current customers to refer your services to more friends and family.

As we discuss ways you can use technology and new media to enhance your business and yourself as a professional, we'll also talk about 5 important tips to elevating and balancing your life as a whole. After all, the power of Internet Marketing can have the potential to open a flood gate of new clients - however, too many clients is not always a good thing. Depending on your business size and lifestyle goals, choosing a select few of the RIGHT clients for your practice may be the key strategy to helping you stay energized and balanced in your daily life as well as allow you to reach your long-term life and business goals.

I look forward to discussing how we can all use new media and technology to improve our practice, enhance our professional brand, and elevate our lives. (Note: This is a private event by Tucker Advisory Group)

Marketing With A Book™ Summit
How to Dramatically Increase Revenue, Gain Credibility and Attract Clients by Publishing A Book With Built-In Marketing

Location: La Jolla Shores Hotel, San Diego

You’ll benefit the most by attending this program if you are a…

* Management consultant
* Professional service firm
* Executive coach
* Professional speaker
* PR person responsible for consultant and professional service firm marketing

Being educational is great, but being persuasive is better. At the conference you will learn strategies and tactics for promoting your business with writing and speaking.


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